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We are a fast growing company and we are based in the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) and many of our clients are located in different parts of the world. We focus on Africa mostly because of it's infinate potential of growth in diverse areas including Agriculture, Tourism, Infrastructure and the exploitation of Natural resources.

we offer luxury tours and safaris in Kenya. Our safari and tour packages are tailored for Kenya mostly because this country has great game safari and tour splendors that are second to none in the whole of Africa. Rather than pretend to know the whole of Africa, we have deliberately confined ourselves to Kenya because we were born and raised here. Our understanding of Kenyan game safari or tour luxuries is natural. If you are planning a tour of Africa, why not drop in a tour to Kenya? We have skilled tour and safari experts who will tailor make a safari/tour itinerary in the whole country of Kenya with inspired finesse you won’t find elsewhere. Feel free to browse our tour and safari offers on our itineraries pages to book a safari or tour today.

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